Hello, and thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Cathy Mekondo.

This is actually my second lifestyle blog. I have always loved fashion and styling but my day job is working in technology. I have a degree in Computer Science and used to be a software developer. Although I loved technology, I needed a visually creative outlet and my first blog was born to display items that I loved. In 2016 I left tech and worked as freelance wardrobe and personal stylist . I loved the creativity of wardrobe styling but knew my future wasn’t styling models for e-commerce or magazine photoshoots. After styling women of all shapes and sizes, I realized that my passion was in personal styling. This latest blog was born because I wanted to help women find their style and gain the confidence to show up as their whole selves via their clothing. I am here to provide inspiration and advice on how to make your wardrobe match the aspirational items on your vision and Pinterest boards

Thank you so much for being part of this community. Please feel free to follow me on all of my social media accounts and comment on my posts. Looking forward to engaging more with you!

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