The start of the collaborative process always begins with a virtual closet evaluation. During the session, we discuss your daily clothing needs, the result you are looking to achieve, desired budget, and you will receive a customized cost and time estimate for the recommended services.

Here are the available services:

  • Closet Cleanse 
    • Edit all items one-by-one your closet to see what needs to be altered, consigned, or donated. 
    • Items to be donated will be removed and you will receive a personalized shopping list of essential and statement pieces for your closet to fill in. 
    • Closet will be left organized by color and category (season is also possible).
  • One on One Personal Shopping
    • Assist you in finding the perfect looks for your everyday needs and special occasions for the current season that will flatter your body, define your style and personalize your brand. 
    • Pre-pull unique pieces for you and put together outfits that you would have never thought of before!
    • Wardrobe building during multiple sessions also available
  • Closet Organization
    • Analyze items in your closet and determine optimal organization structure
    • Merchandise closet by type, color, length, etc
    • Develop storage and organizational solutions for your closet
    • Change out hangers in closet
  • Personal Styling Session
    • Determine the clothes that fit your body best
    • Mix and match your existing items and come up with a list of any missing pieces
    • Develop a style uniform that will make shopping easier in the future

*Packages of services are also available

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